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Penalties for non-compliance can amount to $7,000 per occurrence.

Penalties can go up to $70,000!

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Are you exempt from OSHA GHS?

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Four GHS Elements You Need To Know

New Labels

There are six mandatory items that must be on every label (by 2015). Your employees need to be able to recognize these changes with training completed by Dec. 1, 2013

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New Pictographs

Starting on Dec. 1, 2013 your employees must know the meanings of the new pictographs in the OSHA GHS. There are a total of nine that graphically indicate hazards in the chemical product.

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New SDS Format

MSDS becomes SDS with the implementation of GHS. Your employees must know where to find the SDS sheets and understand the 16 section format.

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GHS deadlines
Compliance Dates

There are several compliance dates as the OSHA GHS is fully implemented, with the first significant date addressing training.


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Online Employee Training - HERE!

GHS certificateUnder the OSHA GHS, the definition of "Employers" are manufacturers, distributors, and cleaning service providers.

This required training includes anyone in your company who works around chemicals or handles them, including sales staff, warehouse, and offic
e personnel, if they have occasion to handle cleaning chemicals.

Each Employee Earns Certificate, Proof of Training

Use this link to set up a training account for each of your employees. This link will take you directly to the standard overview training module for "Hazard Communication 2012 SDS, Pictograms and Label Elements," the standard training class.

If you are interested in additional training, click on the "Course Catalog" tab at the top of the training page.

The online video training, "Hazard Communication 2012 SDS, Pictograms and Label Elements" is about 20 minutes and employees can complete it in their own timeframe. It is the program suggested by the ISSA, but you do not need to be an ISSA member to access it.

After completion of viewing the video, your employees take a short online test and are provided a "Certificate of Completion" that can be printed off for record-keeping. The completion is also noted on the training website.

Cost is $12.

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